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I design and develop websites.

I make websites that people enjoy using - designed to work on all sorts of devices: your phone, your TV, your fridge, your spectacles... even your laptop...

Busness | Education | Design

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I train and support people.

Do better with the systems, software and people you already have...

Get better value from your investment in new systems, software and people.

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Who I work for.

I work mainly for educators and small owner-managed businesses - all sorts of projects for lots of different clients...

Business | Education

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Who I am.

Roy Bazeley - a designer and developer, self-employed in IT since 1999.

I'm an educator with classroom, management and CPD experience 1981 - 2007, providing schools with services and support since 1999.

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How I work.

A rare mix of technical, analytical and interpersonal skills combined with breadth and depth of professional experience results in ways of working that many find refreshing and helpful. Technology makes more sense with the human touch.

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How to make everything turn out roses.

I find it's generally better to work 'with' people, rather than 'for' them, and that you can play a number of vital roles in the successful outcome of your project.

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Thank you for the fabulous training - it was definitely well received!!

Experience | Credibility

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How Much?

Simple, clear prices. Ways of working designed to keep you in control of your costs.

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